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Monday, May 31, 2010

color love :: red, white and blue

What better color combo for Memorial Day weekend than the patriot trio of red, white and blue?

color-love-red-white-and-blue copy
Top row: 1- Berry Cheesecake Necklace by Catie's Blue | 2- Red with Flowers Clutch Purse by Tulip Couture
Middle row: 3- Mute Navigator Blouse by Amoel Barroco | 4- Red, White and Blue Bracelet by Bijoux Mimi
Bottom row: 5- Kilauea Lighthouse Fine Art Photograph by Livvielane Photography | 6- MacIntosh Dress in Red from Spool No. 72

Memorial Day Remembrance

To all those who have lost their lives while fighting for our freedom and to all of you who continue to serve our country - Thank you. I wish you and yours a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Star Spangled Banner Watercolor painting by Cindy's Art and Cards
The Star Spangled Banner original watercolor painting by Cindy's Art and Cards

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I've been up to

Hi, everyone! During my mini-hiatus, I've been extremely busy with final projects for grad school. I thought I'd share with you a small piece of what's been keeping me busy.

handmade, upcycled, vintage necklace

I designed this necklace as a prototype for my Trend Analysis & Product Development class and it's representative of the plan for a full line of jewelry I developed (for this class). Fortunately, I did not have to produce a full collection, although that would have been great fun!

But, this necklace is just a small piece of the work. I conducted trend forecasting and market research before determining my product line and now I need to create a business and marketing proposal that I could present to industry professionals who might be interested in buying or promoting the line. This is a fully branded product line (I created tags, a logo, etc.) and follows the real world process as closely as possible. It's been a fun journey!

Your feedback would be appreciated, as I still have time to include it in my presentation!

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm also working on an e-commerce business plan for another class and a fashion history project for another class?

I'll be back to blogging regularly in a few weeks when this is all over and I can breathe again. Happy May!

In unrelated news - We picked out a stone for the engagement ring! After meeting with our jeweler and deciding that aquamarine would be too fragile for someone like me to have as an every day ring, we looked at blue diamonds and purple sapphires. I went with a round, 1 carat, sparkling blue diamond that's the color of the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla. Check the picture below from our recent vacation- that deep blue-green color? Yeah, it's like that. And it's perfect! But now I'm not allowed to see or hear of it until D gets the ring back from the jeweler.

the pacific ocean in la jolla

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