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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buy handmade, shop local

This holiday season, I'm doing my best to shop local and/or buy handmade. Of course, there are certain things where that isn't possible (the sleigh-full of electronics on SuperD's list comes to mind). But, everyone on my list is getting several handmade items- some I made for them, others I bought from other Etsy sellers.

I put a lot of handmade stuff on my Christmas list, too, but I fear that Ety's checkout process discouraged some people from buying. Not that I think the checkout process is difficult, but my loving, but technologically impaired mother had issues even creating an account. But I'm still hoping at least one person will honor my handmade pledge and buy at least a few handmade things for me this holiday.

And for those of you looking to get involved in the handmade movement, here's a list of really cool sites where you can find lots of handmade goods:

1000 Markets
Art Fire
Handmade Fuzion
Ruby Lane
Shop Handmade
Wink Elf
Lolli Shops

Of course, there are tons more, but this list is a good start of some of the larger venues. Some of these sites even have very cool vintage and antique sections (not handmade, but still part of the reduce/reuse/recycle process). So get shopping! There's only 11 days left until Christmas!

For those of you looking to shop local in the Lancaster, PA area, check out downtown Lancaster shopping for some great local shops, galleries and artisans.

Not in Lancaster or just want to shop online? Check out Etsy's Shop Local feature. Just type in your town and find artisans and crafters in your area.
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