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Monday, December 21, 2009

A snow storm for Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice! I'm ready for longer days, even we only get them one minute at a time. :-)

In light of the holiday, I thought I'd post some pictures I took of the snow storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic this past weekend. Normally, I'd rather see sand than snow, but around the holidays I can at least tolerate the fluffy white stuff. It really is beautiful (even if it foiled my dinner and theatre plans on Saturday night.)

PS- I know the blog has been quiet lately. My apologies! I've been wrapping up lots of things- grad school projects (done!), freelance projects (almost done), Christmas presents and holiday shopping (not even close to being done)...yeah. And I'm getting ready to move, so things are a little past crazy and veering steadily into the ballpark of completely insane.

But, I'll be back next year with new ideas and new plans! I'm hoping to make 2010 a breakout year for The Blooming Wildflowers Project and I'd be thrilled if you join me on the journey!

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