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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good stuff :: 4th of July Picnic

The makings of a perfect 4th of July picnic? A vintage basket and handmade wine stave, spices, eco-friendly bags, and of course, a cute dress.

Have a safe, happy and handmade 4th of July!

4th-of-July-Picnic, Etsy finds
1- Fresh Apples Eco Reusable Sandwich Bag by GoEco | 2- Wine Stave Basket by Wine Cask Creations | 3- The Grill Guru BBQ Blends by Purpose Design | 4- Urban Picnic Roll-up by Nstar Studio | 5- Vintage Picnic Basket Set from Gramma Mac
| 6- Bouquet Custom Made-to-Order Dress by La Madeleine

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