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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lip lickin' good { Winter Cordials from C.O. Bigelow }

If my current favorite color combination were a yummy lipgloss, it would be Hot Buttered Rum Mentha Lip Cordial™ by C.O. Bigelow® (pictured left).

It's so tasty, I just want to keep piling it on and licking my lips. But I do my best to refrain from that lip licking part because I'm pretty sure it isn't meant for consumption, even if my taste buds say otherwise.

Get yours at Bath & Body Works along with other delicious Winter Cordial flavors like Ginger Mentha (top right) and Warm Spiced Cider Mentha (bottom right). (And bonus- they're buy 2, get 1 free!) Good enough to eat. But, um, don't.

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