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Monday, June 22, 2009

A little obsessed with... { rosettes }

I think I may have taken my obsession with rosettes a little too far. I have three nearly identical shirts in three different colors (see Silence & Noise top below). But I can't help it. This feminine trend is all over the place- on runways and celebrities (pictured above left and middle, Koi Suwannagate Spring 2009 RTW and Sarah Michelle Gellar, far right), in stores and best of all, in the hands of some very talented emerging designers and indie artisans.

A few of my favorite rosette picks:

Top (left to right):
Clustered Petals Dress, $188 by Shine at Anthropologie
Tattered Cosmos Sandals, $118 by Miss Albright at Anthropologie
Rosette bubble top, by Silence & Noise, in stores at Urban Outfitters

Bottom (left to right):
Your Dream Wedding necklace, $79, by Flora Bond on Etsy
The Gypsy Clutch-Hip and Funky Day or Night Floral Delight-Flower Rosette, $34,50 by Bohemian Gyspy on Etsy
Romantic Gathered Shirt, $79 by Mimi's Designs on Etsy
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