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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ freshly picked } fey handmade

Since I'm off and running with my newly minted blog mission, my brain has been working overtime coming up with ideas for fresh, daily content. Today (and every Monday through Friday), I bring you {freshly picked}- my daily finds of shops, artists and designers.

My first {freshly picked} daily find is Fey Handmade. This expertly curated website is a purveyor of all things...what else? Handmade! This site takes the guesswork out of shopping handmade and streamlines selections to the cream of the crop, from housewares to jewelry to clothing to art and photography. I want everything!

1 - Small hoops dangle earrings
2 - Lilac handmade soap
3 - Mini creamer
4 - Fall painting
5 - Vintage Curtain Dress
6 - Lilak Flowers clock
7 - Plum Poppy Necklace
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