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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ pretty little things } camera charm necklaces

Anyone who knows me knows I love jewelry. Like really, really. And I love unique handmade jewelry most of all. And I know I'm not alone with this obsession. So, allow me to introduce my newest column, "pretty little things," where I'll find a roundup of fabulous handmade or indie/emerging-designer jewelry.

So, let's get to it- up first: cute little camera charm necklaces. Perfect for the shutterbug, professional photographer or traveler (or anyone who just likes vintage-looking cameras).

1 - Traveller Necklace by Japonicas
2 - Eiffel Tower Brass Filigree Camera Necklace by For the Cross Jewelry Designs
3- Vintage Antique-style Camera Pendant Necklace by NYLightMetals
4 - Wish Necklace by Oh, Hello Friend**
5 - Camera Crystal Necklace by RetroSkor

**Check out Oh, Hello Friend's design blog. She has such a pretty aesthetic and a kind way about her. Definitely one of my daily reads.
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