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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

good stuff :: aquamarine rings

D and I started engagement ring shopping this weekend and I found myself bored with the standard diamond rings. I want something different, preferably in a pale, watery blue-green (sort of like the color of the ocean just before it meets the shore). And of course, I want to buy it from a local jeweler or an Etsy seller, rather than a chain store.

After perusing around on Etsy this weekend, I became (even more) obsessed with aquamarine.* There were so many good finds, I thought they deserved their very own "Good Stuff" blog post. Not all of these fall under the engagement ring category (go ahead and guess which one I want as an e-ring -- hint, hint: it's in the bottom left corner), but they sure are pretty.

handmade aquamarine rings
Top row, left to right: Aquamarine Cushion Cut 14K Rose Gold Ring by One Garnet Girl Designs | The Cloudburst Aquamarine Quartz Ring by Lush Boutique
Middle row, left to right: Beryl Aquamarine Cluster Ring by Shop Shrew | Faceted Aquamarine Cabachon Ring by Janish Jewels
Bottom row, left to right: Santa Maria Blue Aquamarine Ring by Master Gold Craft | Aqua Ice Recycled Sterling Silver Ring by Future Tribe

*I'm a little concerned with choosing a stone like aquamarine (or similar stones like blue topaz or blue zircon) as an engagement ring because they may not be durable enough for every day wear (and tear). Any jewelers want to chime in and help me out here?
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