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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ good stuff } :: beagles

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To know a beagle is to really, really love a beagle. Really, really. Beagles are goofy, adorable, stubborn, hilarious, loyal, ornery little bundles of love (and they also have bottomless pits in lieu of a stomach- don't leave your sandwich unattended, that innocent-looking beagle with the big, sad eyes will steal it).

Trust me, I know. That's Lucy, my own little bundle of beagle love, in the picture above.

And here are some handmade finds commemorating my favorite breed:

handmade beagle finds from etsy
Top row (left to right): Beagle glass tile pendant by Gena Semanov Art, Bad Beagle letterpressed card set by Rigel Stuhmiller

Second row (left to right): Beagle print (8x10) by John W. Golden, Beagle Puppy needle felted necklace by Kay's K9s

Third row (left to right): Beagle print by Jenn Ski Art, Beagle on Glass necklace by Frums Glass Menagerie

Bottom row (left to right): Beagle necklace by Mooshy Gooshies, Regal Beagle Coffee Company Graphic Artwork by Gemini Studio Art

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