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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{ Good stuff } Sun, surf and sand

Any LOST fans out there? This one's for you. In honor of the fantabulously awesome premiere of season 6 last night (seriously, people, how good was that?), here's some good stuff inspired by tropical islands (time-traveling and questionable inhabitants not required).

1 - Turquoise Blue Ocean Crashing photo print
by Eternal Images
2 - Sweet Destiny Necklace by Rachelle D
3 - Tropical Coasters by Thea P. Katon Photography
4 - Aloha Bracelet by Mary Grace Jewellery
5 - Ebb and Flow Earrings by Meghan T. Artistic Jewelry
6 - Jamaican Me Crazy Handcrafted Soap by Smokey Mountain Scents
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