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Friday, February 5, 2010

{ inspired } :: let it snow!

There's a snow storm coming in the Mid-Atlantic and it looks like it might break some records! Have you stocked up on your bread, milk and eggs? Me neither. Pizza, wine and LOST on DVD is more like it for me. But come ice or high snow drifts, winter wonderlands sure do inspire some pretty arts and crafts. A few of my Etsy picks, inspired by the coming storm:

1 - Vintage Snowbells Charm Bracelet by Mia Beads
2 - Snow Cat Cocoa Butter Soap by savor
3 - Morning Dove in Snow Print by Rocky Top Studio
4 - Snow White Double Stranded Posy Necklace by Cimbaline's Designs
5 - Winter White Ruffly Rose Scarf by Cherished Vintage
6 - Winter Flower Earrings by Amaia
7 - Old Man Winter Was Here by I brake for bokeh photography
8 - Kanzashi Hair Clip- Ice Crystal Flower by Petal Mix

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