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Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ what to wear } saturday morning coffee

I'm bringing back my "What to Wear" feature with a few tweaks based on my freshly tweaked mission. The point of the new "What to Wear" column is to show you that it's possible to incorporate items from indie and handmade designers, as well as independently owned e-tailers or brick and mortars, into your daily wardrobe. Yes, even clothing! There are tons of fabulous indie designers out there- you just have to look for them.

The majority of the pieces in this feature will come from the aforementioned sources, but you may see a few pieces here and there from well-known retailers as an example of how things you may already own will work with items from indie designers or shops.

So, here we go- what to wear for Saturday morning coffee. Maybe you're meeting your best friend to catch up after a crazy week or you're heading out for a relaxing morning with your significant other, or maybe you're just planning on spending some quality time with your laptop at the local wi-fi hotspot, but no matter who you're meeting for coffee, do it with style in an indie-made knit dress, leggings and cozy accessories. Add your stand-by boots and a white henley and you're good to go!

PS- Don't forget to support your local coffee shops! Those indie-owned brick and mortars are what make our communities thrive!

what to wear for saturday morning coffee
7 Ways to Wear Wrap Dress :: Lirola*
White henley :: J. Crew
Creme beret :: Creative Hook*
Ruched scrunched leggings :: lamixx*
Arm warmers :: Pia Barile Accessories*
Frye Boots :: Zappos
Patchwork in safari bag :: morelle*
Peruvian Opal Ring :: alley maranto studios*
Rhino extra long necklace :: it's a stitch*

Coffee image by sachman75
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