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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{ good stuff } :: retro typewriters

I have a slight addiction to the sleekly designed iMac (and all things Apple, really). The clean, curvy lines, the shiny (super-thin) screens- it's computer design perfection (inside and out). But I'm also a sucker for the retro style of vintage typewriters- whether it's the real thing, photography, a cheeky illustration or, even a necklace, these pieces from a bygone era still have a decorative place in the modern world.

1 - Green Original Mixed Media Painting by Michele Maule
2 - Vintage Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter in Teal from One Tree Vintage
3- Dainty Vintage Typewriter Necklace by Jeweled Ambrosia
4- Vintage Style Typewriter Necklace by Lara Lewis
5 - Retro Royal Heritage Typewriter from Sarah Anntiques
6 - Love Letters original signed art photograph by Alicia Bock Photography
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