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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

good stuff :: sushi

There are two things I must eat (preferably more than once) when I visit California*: sushi and tacos. I don't even try tacos here in PA. That would be as ridiculous as eating Pennsylvania Dutch-style chicken pot pie while in California. Utter silliness. And the sushi here? It's really good. Until you've had it in California. And that takes it to a whole new level of yummy sushi-ness.

handmade sushi jewelry, cell phone case, artwork
Left, top to bottom: Sushi Magnets by Clayworks by Kim Detmers | California Sushi Rolls Original Watercolor
Right, top to bottom: Sushi Bento Box Cellphone Case by CB Sew | Bento 1 Print of Original Collage by Crystal Smith | I HEART SUSHI Bracelet by Insane Jellyfish Designs

*Forgive me for still being stuck in a California state of mind. Even though, that's pretty much my perpetual state, I'm in overdrive this week since I just came back from that little slice of paradise.
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