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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

marketing :: let's link together (yeah, yeah, yeah!)*

Triple circle silver charm necklace by friedasophie jewelry design
Triple circle silver charm necklace by Fridasophie Jewelry Design

I recently had a conversation with an indie crafter about web design. Not specifically about design itself, but whether or not it's a good idea to include a link in the footer of your website giving credit to the person or company who designed your website.

"Why should I include a link to someone else's site on the site that I paid for?" the crafter argued.

To me (and my marketing brain), the answer was obvious - SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Why not take this situation and use it to boost your SEO with reciprocal linking?

Chances are, your web designer is linking back to your site from their site, whether in their portfolio or client sample section, or on a favorite links or friends page. They're probably proud of the work they've done for you, so they are sharing your site with other people (you never know who might be interested in your work!). And if for some reason, they don't have a link for your site, why not just ask them to add one? It's a simple thing, but it helps boost your site's search engine friendliness. The more links you have pointing back to your site from other sites, the more a search engine likes you.

Of course, link building is just one component of SEO (I'll promise I'll post more about SEO and linking building strategy in the future), but a link building strategy is an important component. And it strikes me as silly that someone would kick the SEO gift-horse in the mouth when an easy opportunity for link building, such as this, presents itself.

And in my mind, marketing aside, it's also just good, friendly neighbor, business practice. Good karma and such. And it's always nice to give credit where it's deserved and doesn't your web designer deserve credit for their work?

But I'm curious, what are your thoughts on this? Have you ever encountered this situation? How did you handle it? I'd love to know!
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